Greetings! Weather-wise, we have had mild and sunny days this winter. A good time to scout locations in Nebraska for your next project. Give us a call if you need assistance. Be mindful to introduce yourself to the local community representatives as you familiarize yourself with a particular community. You may contact the Nebraska Film Office to help facilitate this process.

Fremont and Eastern Nebraska Film Office is hosting Nebraska’s most recent project, “12 Days of Giving.” The story is set in a small town during the Christmas season. It was a natural connection to send the producers that way as Fremont is anxious to support filmmaking with community funds, their Local Optional Municipal Economic Development Assistance Act. Producers Chris Goodwin and Christine Conradt with Expression Entertainment have fallen in love with Fremont and filming begins in February. Christine, a successful screen writer, is originally from Lincoln and she and her producing partner, Goodwin were very happy with what they found in Fremont. We wish them the best for a successful shoot and look forward to the made-for-tv movie in December.

IF you do find yourself filming on location in Nebraska, please do not hesitate to register your project with the Nebraska Film Office. Contact the office and we will forward this form to you. We like to keep records of what is filming and where, across the state. And if you have not updated your crew and services entry in the NFO on-line data base, please do so! If you have not filled out the crew or services form, please do so at your earliest convenience. When producers inquire, we like to send them Nebraska crew choices!

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