Holiday Greetings!

December and January are the months to get organized for your upcoming shoot in Nebraska! Oh, you say you are already shooting? Very good. We do have many local independent filmmakers actively engaged in writing, directing and producing a variety of projects. We wish them all much success. The collaborative process of filmmaking is just that, collaborative. Polish the narrative. Finalize your screenplay and budget. Cast the right actor. Secure locations with your seasoned location manager. Hire local veterans in the industry. Providing positions to local crew and services on your project helps build a strong base and infrastructure that can attract more projects to Nebraska.

And, don’t forget to register your project with the Nebraska Film Office. We keep this information for our records as a tool to gauge the economic impact across the state. No project too small! No project too big!

A joyous holiday wish to you all and the best for a Happy New Year!