March has roared into Nebraska this year telling us it is time to get your game on!  Spring will be here soon with warmer and longer days.

Plan accordingly for filming on location in Nebraska.  Contact us for information regarding locations, crew and services.  We have a searchable data base on this site, and we keep a file of resumes to help you find the right crew and service connections for your team.  

Finding the perfect location is paramount to successful physical production. Let us know what you are hoping to find and we can provide images specific to your needs.  Make sure you have a location manager on board, an essential component of all filming on location projects.

Do your homework.  From original concept to adaptation of your optioned material, make a huge effort to get that screenplay the best it can be. This is your first step in making your project a success.  Your business plan should include a budget and know not many seasoned professionals will want to work for free.  You will need insurance if filming on public properties and should have it regardless for the sake of liability. You may need to apply for permits from local government agencies to film in that community.  Check with us and we point you in the right direction.  Legislative Bill (LB)840 is a local option sales tax used to incent film and media production.  This option may be available in some cities for your project.  Currently Fremont and Valentine are the only two Nebraska communities that have the ability to offer this for production, but other communities across the state are considering its viability so be sure to check with us for updates.

Plan ahead. Register your project with the Nebraska Film Office. We invite you to do this so we may be of better service to you. We also add those projects to our “Filmed In Nebraska” section, a listing that is seen by other producers and directors looking for information on our history of filmmaking. Registration is not mandatory, but helps us keep track of what is happening across the state. Reach out to local film and video production sources as you assemble your crew.  When you can hire an experienced professional, your project has a much better chance of running smoothly with quality results. Nebraska has many talented actors eager to hear from you.  Local producers and talent agencies are here to help with actors and extras for all types of film projects and commercial work.

You’ve done your homework and are now ready to begin principle photography in Nebraska.  Be mindful of weather and quick changes in the spring season.  Prepare and teach your crew safety drills while on set.  Know where you go if foul weather moves in.  Know where the closest medical facility is located.  Be mindful of all department’s needs as you get going.  Safety can be overlooked and that is not good!  Do not attempt to set up a shot that has not been fully developed.  Chances are, you may put your project and your crew in an unfamiliar setting that could lead to disaster.  Always have a signed location agreement with you from the property owner or responsible representative.  Even if you are using a location with no fees attached, have a signed document.  It just makes good business sense.

Nebraska’s talented post-production services can assist you right here.  If you are not producing, directing and editing yourself, be sure to touch base with our local sources to learn how they might assist you.  Projects from outside Nebraska are always surprised at the local talent we have in various aspects of film and video production.  Check for local talent before you go beyond our borders.

Your business plan should reflect what your ultimate intentions are for your finished project.  Web series, streaming, film festivals, independent film distribution, there are so many different platforms to examine in today’s market.  More and more providers are looking for good content. Make an effort to connect with as many as possible before you begin your production. It may help you determine how you shoot your film and the look you create.

Although the Nebraska Film Office is not a source of financial support, but a resource of filmmaking services in Nebraska, we may be able to give you information about potential local partners to help facilitate your efforts.

Well-thought out preparation leads to success.