Where is spring? Snow. Rain. Warm. Cold. People wonder why we talk about the weather so much in Nebraska. If you are from here or live here, you know why. It is all very important as the weather can determine your start and stop for filming on location. We have FOUR full seasons in Nebraska and this one is starting out as a cold, soggy reminder of that fact. I can promise you it will get better. We will look back at today and wish for a little of this overwhelming moisture for our gardens and reservoirs. Regardless, we are here to help you make your project happen, indoors or out!

This leads me to request your attention to upcoming projects this year. We are in preparation for several projects this year that will need full crew complement and actors. The Nebraska Film Office is happy to help with crew and resource information for pre-production and physical production. Some of you are aware we keep a searchable data base on this site, “Search Services.” This database gives the non-Nebraskan a chance to see that we do indeed have people that work in this industry in the state. We also keep your Nebraska resume on file. After the database has been seen by the producers, they often will want to have a resume in hand, or electronic file. When we get that call, we forward that information to the production source. If you have not sent your CURRENT resume to the Film Office, please do so at your earliest convenience. If you are an actor, please forward your acting resume to your favorite Nebraska talent agency.

Alexander Payne’s “Nebraska” is a headliner at the Cannes Film Festival this month. How swell! He is in competition with the movie for the Palme d’or award, the most prestigious award offered at this venue. We wish him and Paramount Pictures and Albert and Ron with BonaFide Productions the best and much success with the film. The movie filmed on location in Nebraska last fall. We EEEEagerly await the film’s Nebraska premiere sometime soon.

Send resumes to: lrichards2@neb.rr.com