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Name:Kristian M Day

Company Name:

Kristian Day Media, LLC


9408 Valeretta Dr
Nebraska Gretna
United States
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Cell Phone

(720) 934-4427


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Subject Matter:
  • Production Coordinator
  • Production Manager

2019 ​Fairtown​, Producer/Director, Kristian Day Media
2019 ​Turn Yourself In,​ Co-Director/Co-Producer, Empirical Pictures
2019 ​AE Dairy “Fresh/Milk”​, Production Manager, Lucky 21/The Richards Group
2019 ​Hy-Vee “Back One Step”​, 2nd Assistant Director, XXL Pictures
2019 ​Mushtown,​ Producer/Assistant Director, Palindrome Entertainment
2018 ​Pella Windows “Fixer Upper”​, Production Manager, Mustache Agency
2018 ​The Burial,​ 1st Assistant Director/Producer, Anatomical Heart Films
2018 ​Bath Bomb​, Producer/Sound Designer, Crypt TV
2018 ​America’s Greatest Pig Outs,​ Camera Operator, Sharp Ent./Travel Channel
2018 ​America’s Most Terrifying Places​, Camera Operator, Sharp Ent./Travel Channel
2018 ​Defining a Champion​, Supervising Producer, PGA Sharp Tour Ent.
2018 ​​Equal Rights Amendment​​, Field Producer, ​Actual Films
2018 ​​This Is Life with Lisa Ling​​, Assistant Camera,​ Part 2 Pictures/CNN
2017 ​​Made In Iowa​​, Production Manager, SQUARE INC.
2017 ​​Play By Play​​, Production Coordinator/Extras Casting Director, ​Haven Ent./Go90
2017 ​​First Time Flippers​,​ Camera Operator,​ Boyd Wonder Productions/FYI
2016 ​​The Real Voices​,​ Field Producer/Director of Photography,​ Documentary Japan/NHK 2016 ​​Triumphs 2016 Election Watch​​, Associate Producer, ​Funny or Die/Hulu
2016 ​​Good Morning Great Britain​​, Field Producer, ITV
2016 ​​The Circus: Inside the Greatest Political Show on Earth​​, Stills Photographer, ​Showtime 2015 ​​Up On the Wooftop​,​ Co-Producer, ​Backrow Studios/Level 33 Ent.
2015 ​​MTV’s True Life​​, Swing, ​Mad Fusion/MTV
2015 ​​Hellman’s Mayonnaise “Heaven in a Jar”​​, Assist. Art Director, ​Cora Films/Ogilvy & Mather 2015 ​​Bonnaroo at 15​,​ Field Producer/Camera Operator,​ Field Recordings/LiveNation
2015​ The Bachelorette​, Production Assistant, Next. Ent./ABC
2015 ​Intervention,​ Swing, GRB Ent./A&E
2014 ​​The Bachelor​​, Production Assistant, ​Next. Ent./ABC
2013 ​I See What Is Here​, Producer/Director, Modern American Cinema
2011 ​​Templeton Rye: Iowa’s Good Stuff​​, Producer/Director, ​Modern American Cinema/IPTV 2011 ​​Capone’s Whiskey: The Story of Templeton Rye​,​ Producer/Director, ​Rye Films/MAC 2010 ​​A Woman Who Writes​​, Producer/Director, Mo​dern American Cinema
2010 ​​Brent Houzenga: Hybrid Pioneer​​, Producer/Director, ​Modern American Cinema
2009 ​​Cactua​,​ Producer/Director, ​Modern American Cinema