Alexander Payne and company have begun their filming journey in Nebraska for the movie, “Nebraska.” Throughout the northeastern part of the state, you may see production vehicles and crew setting up the next scene for this major Hollywood motion picture. The film production office is set up in Norfolk, the host city for this spectacular event. The Norfolk community has been enthralled to be chosen by Alexander and producers as the hub of action. Members of the business and private sector have stepped forward to host events to benefit local establishments and community programs. The producers have been most gracious and attentive to this partnership and very giving of their spare, very spare time, to benefit various programs with their participation.

WE are very excited for our native brother to be back here filming with Bona Fide Productions and Paramount Pictures producing. Despite production pressures to film the movie in another state, Alexander’s credibility and influence over the system has brought us an awesome opportunity. We are very grateful for his interest in his home state and his interest in helping grow the film industry for Nebraska. We would not be on the map for filmmaking without his presence. Economic impact and soft spin-off of tourism will have far reaching effects while the crew is here and local establishments provide goods and services. It’s a sweet deal!

If you would like more information on this project, you can contact the production office in Norfolk at 402-316-1483.