Eligibility for the Nebraska Film Office Grant has been expanded to include television series and miniseries.

Administered by the Nebraska Department of Economic Development, the Film Office Grant offers financial support for television and film projects that are budgeted to spend at least $1 million in Nebraska and which feature Nebraska-based stories and locales. The grant was previously exclusive to films.

Also, grant applications can now be submitted up to 180 days (and at least 30 days) prior to the start of filming in Nebraska. The previous time window was 120 days.

Applicants are eligible to request up to $400,000 in Film Office Grant funding. Applications will be accepted until the $1 million in legislatively allocated funding is depleted. 

Detailed application guidelines and requirements are posted on the Nebraska Film Office Grant webpage. General rules are as follows:

  • The script and resulting feature film, television series or miniseries must feature a Nebraska story (some examples: a story based on events that took place in Nebraska; a fictional story set in Nebraska; a story featuring characters who live(d) in Nebraska; a story that depicts identifiable Nebraska locations).
  • The highest percentage of principal photography must take place in Nebraska. 
  • At least 50 percent of cumulative production workdays must utilize the services of Nebraska residents. (For example, five crewmembers who each work 10 days equals 50 cumulative workdays).

To review the guidelines and to sign up for future updates, visit the Nebraska Film Office Grant webpage located at https://opportunity.nebraska.gov/programs/incentives/film-office-grant/.

For questions, contact Laura Linden at 402-471-1466 or laura.linden@nebraska.gov.