Season’s Greetings to all! With 2012 almost behind us, we have much to be thankful for in Nebraska.

The year has been filled with independent filming of a variety of projects. The majority of them seem to be in the popular horror genre. There have been some very insightful works and documentaries to complement the well-rounded productions. As we receive the production information from the local producers, we include this information on our “Filmed In Nebraska” page. Please continue to send us your information so we might keep this page current. Hats off to those of you who have put the baby on the disc and entering festivals across the country and outside of the USA. Don’t forget the Annual Omaha Film Festival, This has become a wonderful venue for local, regional and national filmmakers and screenwriters. Bloom where you are planted!

We couldn’t complete a greeting without acknowledging our very own Alexander Payne, Bona Fide Productions and Paramount Pictures. The film “Nebraska” completed their physical production on location work in Nebraska on November 21. They moved on to Montana and Wyoming, and finished shooting in South Dakota two weeks later. We look forward to the screening of this film in about a year. Alexander is our golden guy and we do so appreciate his commitment to filming at home. He is from Nebraska. He knows Nebraska. He likes Nebraska. There are a lot more stories to come alive here for him. We can’t wait for the next adventure! Hurry back!

If you have not had a chance to read the Leo Biga book he has edited with stories of Alexander and his film career, “Alexander Payne, His Journey In Film” you might want to get a copy for your library. It has some very good stories from personal encounters with Alexander and people we all know. Leo has done a fine job of organizing stories he

has written over the years combined with person interviews and comments from others who have known Alexander for these many years. It’s worth the read.

We all have much to be thankful for. Friends, family and beautiful locations within a 60 mile radius for your production. Give us a call and we guarantee you will add Nebraska to your list full of film friendly people and locations.

Feliz ano nuevo!