Here are a few related links to filmmaking that might be of interest.  We will update this page as we work to help you become more familiar with connections that may enable to you move forward with your passion.

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Mary Riepma Ross Film Theater – – Now fans of fine film can stay abreast of current screenings, upcoming features and much more by visiting this web-site. Located on the University of Nebraska – Lincoln campus.

Superior Screenwriting Workshop – LEW HUNTER

Nebraska Coast Connection – NCC

Film Festivals Server –

Nebraska Independent Film Projects, Inc. – NIFP

9 BEST FREE SCREENWRITING SOFTWARE – SWS – Software for filmmakers, screenwriters.


IndieWIRE – – The indie world’s virtual daily, gives news, filmmaker interviews and festival updates

Women In Film –– A professional organization committed to recognizing, developing, and promoting the unique visions of women in the global communications industry.

Women and Hollywood,

Women and Production Companies, Pinterest:

2015 Hollywood Reporter Report/percentage of Women working behind the Camera.

Milanote, Online Storyboard Creator: